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Tuesday, 4th July - 7.30-9.30pm, Music Rehearsal in the Forumsaal (in St.Anton’s Forum).  All are welcome!

Members of the ESCM community are asked to support this project for our community members by delivering to the Mission office the following items: toiletries for men and women, household detergents, etc. and all non-perishable food items, e.g.: canned ‚Äď (fruits, vegetables, soups, meats, tuna, corned beef), dried fruits and cereals, biscuits, sugar, salt, rice, packet soup, pasta sauces, vinegar, cooking oil, chocolate or any other items you would like to donate.¬† All donations are gratefully received.¬† Our next Food Pantry distribution will be on Wednesday, 30th August, 2-3pm.¬† Please be punctual!!!¬† Thank you.¬† There will be no Food Pantry distribution during the months of July + September.

We are in need of volunteers for practically all of our ministries, especially regarding the religious education of the ESCM children.  Classes take place on 22 Sundays of this year, 10-11am, in St. Anton’s parish centre.  You will be provided with all the resources necessary and will be supported by a fellow volunteer and/or your class parents.  We also need a co-ordinator and supervisor for our Children’s Liturgy, which takes place during Sunday Mass.  Again, you would be guided through the entire process.  Lectors, Sacristans, and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist for both our Saturday and Sunday Masses are also always very welcome additions to our group of volunteers, as are altar servers.  For Sacristans and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, we ask for a copy of the volunteer’s baptism certificate.  Please do come forward and contact the office if you are interested in serving the ESCM community in any of these roles.  Thank you.

Our Mass Times

Saturday : 18:00 (Crypt)

Sunday : 11:15 (Main Church)

For changes to these days + times please check our online calendar.

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