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Saturday, 3rd November – Baptism Preparation Course in room Aggäus, St. Anton's Foyer, Klosbachstrasse 36A, 8032 Zurich.  Please attend ONLY if you have already registered for the course.

Fridays, 9th + 23rd November – immediately after the 6pm Mass, our Bible Prayer Group will meet in room Aggäus.  All are welcome to join.

AFTER MASS COFFEE in the month of November is on Sunday 25th.

Members of the ESCM are asked to support the Food Pantry for our community members by delivering to the Mission office the following items: toiletries for men and women, household detergents, etc. and all non-perishable food items, e.g.: canned fruits, vegetables, soups, meats, tuna, corned beef, dried fruits and cereals, biscuits, sugar, salt, rice, packet soup, pasta sauces, vinegar, cooking oil, etc.  All donations are gratefully received.  Our next distribution will be on Wednesday 28th November, 2-3pm.  Please be punctual!!!  Thank you.

ADVENT GIVING TREE - For some years now the ESCM has had the tradition of an Advent Giving Tree.  The tree will be displayed in the Church on Sundays 2nd, 9th and 16th December for all to see.  The tree doesn`t have green leaves or pine needles, but rather the branches are decorated with gift tags and on these is written a request e.g. “Mother age 30”, “Dad age 35”, “Boy age 4”, Girl age 14”.  We ask for your generosity to help families and individuals in our community to celebrate the Birth of Our Lord.  You are asked to take 1 or more of these tags, purchase an appropriate gift and then return the wrapped gift to the office on Sundays or during the week, attaching the original request.  PLEASE RETURN BEFORE 12 NOON ON WEDNESDAY 19th December.  The gifts will then be distributed to the families.  Any gifts delivered later than this will not be distributed – it will be too late.  This tradition in the ESCM is a wonderful example of the spirit of the ESCM community.  With the giving tree we can share and be aware of others.  Thank you and God bless.

Music Rehearsals for the Mass every Sunday morning 10-11am in the Kegelbahn.  Please do come along if you wish to play an instrument or sing.  The music group can be heard on the ESCM Youtube Channel via this link:



yyQA - Enjoy!


Priests and Eucharistic Ministers must be extremely alert during the distribution of Holy Communion, making sure the recipients consume the whole Sacred Host and immediately retrieving it if this does not occur.

When receiving Holy Communion, a recipient must put forth his/her tongue enough so that the Sacred Host may be placed securely on it, or make a proper throne for the Lord with the hands so that it may rest securely.  If receiving on the hand, the recipient should side-step, still facing the altar, and consume the Sacred Host before turning to go back to the pew.  No one should be facing the pews or walking back to the pews when receiving Holy Communion. 

Lastly, if a person did notice a Sacred Host, or even a piece, fall to the floor, he should retrieve it and give it to the Priest at an appropriate time – maybe at the end of Communion when the Priest prepares to purify the vessels.


Our Mass Times

Friday: 18:00 (Crypt)

First Friday of the Month (October-May): 17:30 Adoration in the Crypt

Saturday : 18:00 (Crypt)

Sunday : 11:15 (Main Church)

For changes to these days + times please check our online calendar.

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